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Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations applied to all vocation rentals, including 74 Georgia St., 1031 Tremont St., 17 Holman St. and 24 Worthington Apartments

Pursuant to the authority vested by the Declaration of Condominium Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, the Board of Directors have duly adopted the following regulations

ENFORCEMENT: All violation of these Rules and Regulations shall be reported immediately to the Management office of member of Security

FINING PROCEDURE: The Manager shall have the right to assess a fine for each violation for any such succeeding violations based on his or her discretion.

MINORS: Minors must be supervised at all times and accompanied by a responsible adult when using Jacuzzis or playing in the common areas.  Minors are not allowed to climb on top of sofas or anything above the floor without adult supervision.  Minors are not allowed to climb on top of tables, countertops, or on top of anything that is not intended for that purpose.

GARBAGE: All garbage must be put in the specified area.

PATIO AND RAILINGS: No towels or clothing are to be hung on railings and patios are to be kept neat and orderly.  No Smoking inside the property.  Minors or people with special needs must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

DAMAGE TO UNITS, BUILDING OR GROUNDS: Guest(s) are responsible for the actions of all persons occupying their rented unit.  Any littering, noticeable odors, or physical damage of any kind to the property will be deducted from the security deposit.

NOISE: All noise, including, without limitations, talking, singing, television, radio, record player or musical instruments shall be kept at a volume level that said noise is not audible outside the boundaries of the Unit in which it originates. Excessive noise between the hours of 11 PM and and 7 AM will be considered a more serious violation.

BICYCLES, SKATEBOARDS AND ROLLER BLADES:  For your safety no bicycles, roller blades or skateboards allowed. Please leave these items at home.

OBSTRUCTIONS: There shall be no obstructions or cluttering of condominium property, including, without limitations, sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, lawns, patios, courts or other common areas. There will be no working on automobiles or boats permitted, other than emergency repairs.


Check in/out: Arrivals time is at 4:00 pm. Departure time is 10:00 am.  If the guest(s) arrive before 4:00pm they must email the owner 24 hours before their scheduled arrival time and must receive owner's permission to change the schedule.  On the date of check-in please give at least a one hour notice by phone at 617-212-2188 to the owner before you arrive.  After hours check in from 5:00pm - 2:00am can be arranged provided notice is given 24 hours in advance.   Guest(s) are required to check out by 10:00am.  If owner's permission is granted, guest(s) may check out after 10:00am or check in before 4:00pm on the same day with a service fee of $35 to $75 depending on the length of time from check in at 10:00am or check out at 4:00pm.  Please call the owner first to determine the availability.

Extra Linens: Extra linens are available in bureau drawers. Extra towels are in the closet.

Washers and Dryers: Please follow the on screen instructions. Door will not open until the machine stops its complete circle. Do not use force. Do not over load.

Fire Alarm/Detectors:  For your safety, guest(s) are prohibited from tampering or removing Fire Alarms, Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors or any related devices in any way.  Doing so is a violation of state law. Severe penalties apply for any kind of violation of the above.

Sprinklers: For your safety, guest(s) are prohibited from tampering with the sprinkler system if any.   Doing so is a violation of state law. Severe penalties apply for any kind of violation of the above.

Guest Safety: The safety and behavior of children are the sole responsibility of the persons, organization, or designee who are renting the unit.  The property owner and/or his designee are not liable for any injury or harm that occurs to guest(s) and their children for the duration of their stay.



1. Check-in time is 4:00 pm or later (Keys or Passcodes are available upon check in date)

2. Checkout time is 10:00am or sooner. (Guest(s) departing after 10:00am without owner's permission are subject to a fee of $150.00)

3. The premises are decorated and furnished by the owner. The owner is not obligated to provide additional furnishings.

4. No pets are allowed.  Pets found on premises will be removed at guest'(s) expense.  If pets are found on the premises, a minimum fine of $200.00 or Forfeiture of security deposit will be charged depending on extent of cleaning, repair, and/or liability caused by the pets.

5. Owners may have personal items locked in a closet. These areas are not part of the rental and are not to be disturbed.

6. Property Owner or designee does not guarantee heat and air conditioning, DSL, appliances or property amenities. Every effort will be made, however, to expeditiously effect repair any of the above. There will be no refund for any failure of the above.

7. Serviceman may enter premises for purpose of effecting necessary repairs, maintenance and pest control.

8. Renters are required to bring all trash to the trash barrels outside, bring all used linens, towels to the laundry room, put all used utensils in the dishwasher.  Clean the stove and oven after use in the same condition as when you move in.  Please report any broken items or damage to the owner before check out.

9. Should the dwelling be undergoing any major repairs or become unavailable for any other reason, agent may provide guest with substitute comparable accommodation, if available.

10. Owner or its designee are not responsible for acts of theft or vandalism or other injury to the personal property of the guest(s).

11. No loud house parties are allowed in any units. We desire to maintain a family atmosphere for the quiet enjoyment of all our residents and their guests. We will accept reservation from families and single adults who are 21 and over.

12.Owner or its designee do not carry insurance for renters. Owner or its designee are not responsible for injury to guest(s) or other persons when they occupy the premises

13. Guest agrees to indemnify owner for any damages to the dwelling or grounds and to the furnishings caused by the guest(s) negligence, which occurs during the guest(s) stay.

14. It is expressly understood and agreed that violation of this agreement and/or acts or omissions which may damage the premises will serve as cause for cancellation of this agreement, eviction of renter and forfeiture of security deposit.

15. Campers, Boat/trailers and motor homes (RVs) and vehicles with commercial signage are not allowed on the premises

16. A nonrefundable deposit must be received before guarantee of reservation.

17. Owner or its designee requires a nonrefundable deposit at booking and the remaining balance is due within 7 days from date of deposit payment.  Less than 30 days from check-in require full payment at booking.  Rental of 4 nights or less require full payment at booking.  All payments are nonrefundable and final.  Payment can be made by bank wire transfer or personal check mailed to the owner at address given at letter of reservation.  Your letter of reservation is a confirmation of your agreement.  Please sign and fax it to the owner after you read the terms and to confirm the accuracy.

18. CANCELLATION and Changes: Cancellations will be accepted 60 days or more from the date of reservation except for Holidays or Special Event.  No refunds are given for holidays or special events held during the duration of the guest(s) stay.  Reservations made in less than 60 days cannot be canceled.  No cash refunds are given.  Owner or its designee offers house credit valid for 6 months from the original date of reservation.  Cancellations less than 60 days from check in date will forfeit your total deposit.  No shows are considered an unannounced cancellation and will be treated the same as a late cancellation. Changes to your original date cannot be made less than 60 days from check-in time. A $250 fee applies to any changes after 60 days subject to availability.  No changes can be made for special event days, holidays, and weekly or longer rentals.

19. There will be a $100.00 service charge for all returned checks.

20. Keys will be picked up at the apartment on check in day.  For lost or unreturned keys, forfeiture of the security deposit will be made.

21.Security deposit of minimum $500.00 is charged upon arrival. Security deposits will be charged for excessive cleaning, unauthorized use of rooms and/or units not rented, and for any furniture that needs to be moved back to its original position and also for any damage made by guests to the unit. The minimum charge for damage is $75.00.  $150.00 fee is deducted from the security for excessive cleaning. If Owner or its designee discover damages to the property and/or furnishings within 48 hours of the guest(s) check-out date he or she has authorization to deduct from the guest(s) security.  An email notification will be sent to guest(s) to inform them of the damage and charges related to it.

I read and fully understand the rules of this agreement. I agree to follow the rules of the above. By submitting your name, you agree to the terms.


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